Candelas are books, carrying the spirit of miniatures, which unlike wall paintings, are meant to be held and viewed.
Candelas are events that beckon joy. Candelas are short films that speak of far-away things.
Three Children, Three Stones and a Pillow <1996>
The Parable of The Raintree <1997>
1 2 3 4 <1998>
The Student <1999>
An Old Hat <1999>
Tanishka:A nursery rhyme <1999>
Just How Are You Mister Fruttiger? <2002>
Rumi Under the Palas <2004>
Volcanoes are Us <2005>
A Rainy Story <2006>
The Circle of Fate <2008>
A Dream Within<2009>
The Enigma of Karma <2010>
Machaan Masti<2011>
On Inheritance<2012>