James Fraser, in his work 'The Golden Bough', speaks of the mythical Aeneas, who is destined to descend into the subterranean
land of the dead. Before he begins this perilious journey, he needs to pluck the golden bough in a forest that grows at the
gates of the underworld. Two doves guide Aeneas to the gloomy woods, and he wanders around for long, till at last he spots the
golden glow from the bough. Sheer might is insufficient to cull the bough but when the destined one arrives, it comes off on its own accord.
More than the mythological tale, it is this suggestion of destiny and grace, that lead to 'goldenbough', as the name for the website.
The choice is in good measure, also because of a dear friend, whose readings of the Irish poet Seamus Heaney (in particular 'Ugolino'),
bordered wonderfully on the theatrical, and are sharply etched in my mind.
In his poem 'The Golden Bough' Heaney, retells the Aeneas myth with much elegance.
~ Raja Mohanty

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