Basics of Visual Communications
ID 404 / Wednesday's and Friday's (9:30AM onwards) from August through November.

Course Objectives
- Provide an exposure to visual communications.
- Encourage observation through field work and written communication
- Encourage independent study and formulation of goals and concerns
- Initiate the development of skills in communication media
- Encourage creative responses and visual communication in a chosen area of work

Course Structure
- Wednesday Morning Interactions; 9:30AM to 11AM
- Friday Morning Assignments: ; 9:30AM to 11AM
- Individual Meetings: Thursday 11AM to 1PM; 4PM to 6PM
- Group Seminar and Field Study (Groups of 10)

Course Evaluation
- Class Participation 10%
- In Semester Assignments 20%
- Group Seminar 25%
- End Semester Project 50%

Lecture Schedule (tentative):

25/27 July 2012
An Introduction to Visual Communications.
1/3 August 2012
Communication through Drawing
8/10 August 2012
Communication through Animation
17/22 August 2012
Communicating with Photographs
24/29 August 2012
Communication through Video
31 August 2012
Communicating through Text
5/7 Sept. 2012
Visual Narratives: The Hand-crafted Book
12/14 Sept. 2012
Visual Narratives: The Graphic Novel
21 Sept. 2011
Visual Narratives: Animated Shorts
26/28 Sept. 2012
Visual Narratives: Editorial Photography
3/5 Oct. 2012
Visual Narratives: The Documemtary Film
10/12 Oct. 2012
Visual Narratives: The Short Fiction Film
17/19 Oct. 2012
Defying the Narrative: The 'Non-Narrative' Tradition.
26/31 Oct. 2012
Project Discussion
2/7 Nov. 2012
Project Discussion.
16 Nov. 2012
Project Submission


Select References
The Essays of Aldous Huxley
Complete Prefaces of Bernard Shaw
Vijay Tendulkar, Ghasiram Kotwal
Eugene Ionesco, The Chairs
Gayatri Sinha, Indian Art: An Overview
Shyamala Gupta, Indian and Western Aesthetics
Michael Fleishman, Exploring Illustration
Meglin N., The Art of Humorous Illustration
Henri Cartier Bresson In India
Arthur Rothenstein, Documentary Photography
Eric Narnouw, Documentary: A History of Non-Fiction Film
Adoor Gopalkrishnan, Rat Trap
Bruce King, Three Indian Poets

Alvin Toffler,Future Shock
John Berger, Ways of Seeing
Bert Hanstraa, Glass
Charles Eames, Powers of Ten
Anand Patwardhan, War and Peace
Abbas Kiarostami, Ten
Satyajit Ray, Pather Panchali
Vittorio De Sica, Bicycle Thieves
Fellini, Eight and a Half